Today I decided to release this site.

DiagROM Are now a public beta.


Feel free to use the downloadlink on the top right corner on this screen or :

Burn into a prom and test. it IS recomended that you have a eprom-eraser as this software is in a very extreme beta-state yet. and will be changed a LOT!

The basic idea is that this software should start on many machines with different issues. This idea means a lot of problems. I cannot rely on ANYTHING!.  menaing no timers, no IRQ, no nothing.

Remember that I have NO possability whatsoever to give support on repairs etc. I actually DO repair machines etc depending on time. such questions can be mailed to:   repairs<at>  .


But I am glad to get any input, ideas, suggestions, bugreports etc.


This is NOT for the novice.  you need to have a Eprom-programmer that can program 27C400 proms, and you need a eraser.


Anyway, hope you will find this software useful and I will code on!


This sites design etc can be changed at any time.

4 thoughts on “PUBLIC BETA, NOW AVAIBLE!”

    1. Well. that would more or less kickstart to work, and as this replaces it. it is very hard to make special hardware to work.

      And if you come to the point maprom etc is working, then I guess the need for this rom is not really needed anymore.

  1. I tested the DiagROM 0.5 (last stable) with a working and a non-functioning (Yellow Screen) Amiga 3000 Mobo. In both the same: the menu appears, but there is no keystroke accepted. I can’t select a menu item.

    1. Yes I know. there are severe timingissues with some machines so keyboardfunctions is bad. working on it.
      meanwhile, use the mouse. it works and serialport (9600bps) should also work

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