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Well. I have been working for a long time to move DiagROM to a new codingenvironment.

From to be totally made in AsmPRO in an emulator I have now moved the whole codebase to PC based on VisualCode.

Meanwhile I also have totally remade the initcode.but the rest is more or less a 1:1 move from the old code.

One big change is that I changed the baudrate on the serialport to 19200. Hopefully this will work fine as that will improve speed of menus and tests especially when serialport is enabled. This is something that can be changed at any time.

Anyway as this is a early alfa. this version is NOT ok to sell unless you charge for the eprom and the eprom ONLY!. I would not recomend people to use this version as only source for troubleshooting. EVEN if it is the same old codebase. there are so much changes in the backgroud so while “ALFA” is mentioned in the code. it can blow up the world. it can bug and not to be trusted.

but PLEASE. yes PLEASE do report all your findings to

SOURCES? well later. not now. will need to clean shit up first!


on the downloadpage as DAILY..

DiagROM 1.3 Released

Maybe prematurely I decided to release DiagROM 1.3

Sadly “I lost track” what is changed from 1.2.1 but in short some bugfixes, new memorycheck routine and it now handles Addresserror issues.

Please look at the history for all changes.

Decided to have 1.3 out now so I can get cracking on DiagROM V2.0 for real!

Future Plans of DiagROM

DiagROM is my by far largest softwareproduction.

Aprox 22500 lines of Motorola 68000 Assemblercode all done in AsmPRO on Amiga.

this is starting to get unmaintanable Actually it IS hard to maintain.

So this is what I have decided:

DiagROM at its current form will end at V1.3 only bugfixes till be out. (the DATE will be the only changing vector. NOT the versionnumber)

Will this be the END of DiagROM?


but first.. I want to clear up license etc.. as you might notice there have never been a proper “license” to DiagROM.
and it might be to the simple fact that I think legal mumbo-jumbo text should not be needed.

Anyway. I take full ownership of DiagROM and this product. meaning you are not allowed to do a own version.
even if the source is out. this is MY code! you can look at it (not the best code ever. I know 🙂 ) but you cannot do a own product of this. IF I stop supporting this ( AND websites removed from my ownership) then the code will be free to use for anyone.. but until that I support it. IT IS MY CODE and MY product!.. period!

Why this? have things changed?
NOPE Things have not changed. giving out the source was WAY out of my comfortzone. WAY OUT.. and been thinking of it more and more.
and YEAH it is not really ok. so source is given out ONLY for archive-reasons.

if you do any changes and check into my github etc it will most likly to 100% be ignored. if you have ideas you contact my by mail FIRST.
if you have good ideas or codes we can discuss.. but random cintributions to DiagROM will simply out of this (being out of my comfortzone) is ignored.

It is not me “being a dick” it is just. “this is not my cup of tea”

So in short no legal mumbo-jumbo text: DiagROM is MINE and mine only.. source is just to be archived in the future.
no if or butts.. you cannot make your own fork of it etc. period. if you want to do something similiar: Do your own stuff but you are NOT allowed to use code from DiagROM.

ok with that “legal” crap of licensing out. lets talk about Future?

DiagROM V2.0!


OK I must tell, I had several people approaching me with the future and etc. and I will say: all who had ideas, even written examplecodes etc: THANK YOU! BUT! “no thanx” I have decided to do this myself. AS I explained: WAY out of my comfortzone..

I had help from people like Terriblefire, Erik Hemming (author of ehide.device) etc.. to setup a new developmentenvironment

So DiagROM V2.0 will be written using VisualCode and crosscompiling using vasm and vbcc..

it will be split up in a more modern way of modules. it will support code in both 68k assembler AND C (C++)

Still everything will be from me. IF someone is helping it will be done via close discussions. still no random checkins in Github etc.
exactly as DiagROM 1.x it is my code and will be so.

So DiagROM V2.0 will be modular and parts of it will be rewritten. and this is why 1.3 is the last “old” as I simply will move it to this solution instead.

if you have any ideas of how stuff should look like, tests or so. PLEASE contact me:

hope this is perfectly clear to all!

So.. I guess it is time for me to Start with 2.0 for real now.. 🙂

/ John “Chucky” Hertell

DiagROM 1.2.1 Released

OH!. This is “short” 🙂

To be honest. I have been working on so much hardwareprojects  like  DiagROM coding have suffered.

and to top it.. I forgot what I have changed. 🙂

As I now am working on a completly new init-code.  I decided to bump the new version.. to 1.2.1

Also. I have made this stupid thing to bump the versionumber at “the wrong end” so now “dialy” will have a higher versionnumber than the stable..


DiagROM V1.2 Released

Sorry. Been slow..

I have been working too much on hardware with ReAmiga 1200 and also my A3000/ReAmiga 3000 project.

But today I released my new “Stable” V1.2

As usual please read the history what is new.
But now Diskdrive-tests should be actually WORKING..

Memorydetection is changed, not really used in the memorytests yet, as I will rebuild that totally.

Also added an experimental new CIA Test, this should work on NTSC and PAL machines.  but  it MIGHT give false results, please if you get a fail on both tests send me the timing results to the right and explaining what machine (and TIC jumper setting)


Short description. there are some internal stuff changed aswell.


DiagROM V1.1 Released

I finally made enugh changes to sat that Version 1.1 is out.


This post is very short..  Changes in it.  Oh sorry. I simply lost track on this version.  but in short:

New memory-detection routine that hopefully finds more memory.
A600/1200/4000 IDE detection.
Some bugfixes. (look at releasedata for more info)

Powerup extras:
press left mousebutton at power on, Screen will be disabled and IF there is fastmem present, fastmem will be used instead of chipmem.  Serial console is only option.

if you press right mousebutton at poweron. Computer will use the beginning of detected ramblock instead of end.
(you can combine both buttons at boot)

fire on joystick at power on: Serialport output is disabled. this to make the machine to start with broken Paula.  DiagROM also tries to detect broken paula at start and will disable serial if detected.
(this detection is far from 100%)


Selling DiagROM on Ebay

I have been asked what I think about those persons selling my DiagROM on Ebay.

Well Simply:  It is OK unless you ask too much.  I myself charge 6eur per ROM. (8 if 27C800 for the CD32)


But.  I must say, IF you buy from  like on :


he actually send me some money for it..  so, I would recomend him.. 🙂


DiagROM V1.0 Released

Amiga32 show opening tomorrow at Neuss/Germany.

I have now for that completed DiagROM V1.0.

For you to use.  for free as usual!

I have been busy doing a lot of hardwarework so not that much coding have been done. (and work .. etc)


Anyway what do we have since last stable:

  • RTC Test improved with OKI Chipset support (but RTC test still is kind of buggy)
  • Remade the autoconfig handling for much better ZorroIII support etc
  • Possability to turn on/off cache in manual memortedit (this WILL crach your machine on 68000/68010)
  • Added an experimental “no chipmem” screen to try to figure out biterrors with rasterbars. (dark bar=dead bit, light bar=working bit)
  • Added support for Amiga 1000 with a limited version of DiagROM
  • Parallel and serialporttests using SysTest compatible loopback adapters
  • Diskdrivetests
  • And.. some internal changes and stuff I actually forgotten



AND I also want to show another great thing I bought a while ago and actually forgot to post about:

I now use Flashrom for my testings etc:

They still need a programmer to be flashed, you cannot do it inline, but still no more UV and crap:


If you are interested in this go to:

DiagROM Now supports A1000

I have updated the DAILY version now.  it now supports the A1000 using a limited version of the DiagROM.


I had to remove module-tests and test-screen.  but I guess that is not that important.


Just use the A1kEVEN.bin and A1kODD.bin files and program to 27C256 proms and replace proms on the A1000 and you are ready to go.


DiagROM Now Opensource

I have now decided to opensource DiagROM.

It is avaible at:


From next release I will include the source used to compile that version in the archive aswell.


I have got comments about “please do not fork too much”  with that I only want to ask that there is no idea of having gazillions of different DiagROM outthere (like linuxdists) but instead lets work together so we can have one good product.

but it IS ok to fork it to check etc.. sure.. but I think it is a bad idea of several different diagroms. simply.

Anyway. this is as told, verymuch outside my Comfortzone.. 🙂