Future Plans of DiagROM

DiagROM is my by far largest softwareproduction.

Aprox 22500 lines of Motorola 68000 Assemblercode all done in AsmPRO on Amiga.

this is starting to get unmaintanable Actually it IS hard to maintain.

So this is what I have decided:

DiagROM at its current form will end at V1.3 only bugfixes till be out. (the DATE will be the only changing vector. NOT the versionnumber)

Will this be the END of DiagROM?


but first.. I want to clear up license etc.. as you might notice there have never been a proper “license” to DiagROM.
and it might be to the simple fact that I think legal mumbo-jumbo text should not be needed.

Anyway. I take full ownership of DiagROM and this product. meaning you are not allowed to do a own version.
even if the source is out. this is MY code! you can look at it (not the best code ever. I know 🙂 ) but you cannot do a own product of this. IF I stop supporting this (diagrom.com AND hertell.nu websites removed from my ownership) then the code will be free to use for anyone.. but until that I support it. IT IS MY CODE and MY product!.. period!

Why this? have things changed?
NOPE Things have not changed. giving out the source was WAY out of my comfortzone. WAY OUT.. and been thinking of it more and more.
and YEAH it is not really ok. so source is given out ONLY for archive-reasons.

if you do any changes and check into my github etc it will most likly to 100% be ignored. if you have ideas you contact my by mail FIRST.
if you have good ideas or codes we can discuss.. but random cintributions to DiagROM will simply out of this (being out of my comfortzone) is ignored.

It is not me “being a dick” it is just. “this is not my cup of tea”

So in short no legal mumbo-jumbo text: DiagROM is MINE and mine only.. source is just to be archived in the future.
no if or butts.. you cannot make your own fork of it etc. period. if you want to do something similiar: Do your own stuff but you are NOT allowed to use code from DiagROM.

ok with that “legal” crap of licensing out. lets talk about Future?

DiagROM V2.0!


OK I must tell, I had several people approaching me with the future and etc. and I will say: all who had ideas, even written examplecodes etc: THANK YOU! BUT! “no thanx” I have decided to do this myself. AS I explained: WAY out of my comfortzone..

I had help from people like Terriblefire, Erik Hemming (author of ehide.device) etc.. to setup a new developmentenvironment

So DiagROM V2.0 will be written using VisualCode and crosscompiling using vasm and vbcc..

it will be split up in a more modern way of modules. it will support code in both 68k assembler AND C (C++)

Still everything will be from me. IF someone is helping it will be done via close discussions. still no random checkins in Github etc.
exactly as DiagROM 1.x it is my code and will be so.

So DiagROM V2.0 will be modular and parts of it will be rewritten. and this is why 1.3 is the last “old” as I simply will move it to this solution instead.

if you have any ideas of how stuff should look like, tests or so. PLEASE contact me: chucky@thegang.nu

hope this is perfectly clear to all!

So.. I guess it is time for me to Start with 2.0 for real now.. 🙂

/ John “Chucky” Hertell