DiagROM V0.9 Released


Time to do a new Versionbump and stable release.

The REVISION Edition as I am at the Revision demoparty.
Whats new?

A lot of internal changes.

But changed keyboardhandling in “Manual Edit” mode, hopefully keyboard works better now.

Chipmemdetect at startup does more tests to capture more biterrors.

Also added tests if CPU can do odd/eveb reads and writes. Request by Terriblefire.

Added a testpicture as GFX Test

Added test for RTC Chip, reads both types you have to know what chip is in your machine.

Added a experimental Autoconfig support for Zorro II boards and memory, Remember that you can only run this ONCE.
Autoconfigcode is based on Terriblefires code with addons by me.

Audiotest now includes several notes and waveforms and also a module.